FREE Brookolino Lemon Drop Cookies

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FREE The Brookolino Lemon Drop Cookies

These Free Brookolino Lemon Drop Cookies are only available as part of the Free Cookies promotion. It cannot be purchased as a stand alone product.  This tray of cookies will be added to your cart automatically once your cart value reaches $50.

Now you can enjoy Nonna's heavenly, soft and moist Lemon Drop cookies only as they are made in Brooklyn, New York.

Once you try one, you will not want to stop eating them!

Approx. Net Weight: 14 oz

There are approx. 12 large cookies in each package.

Product of Brooklyn, New York (USA)

These are cookies without preservatives and do not have a log shelf life. Once you receive them you can consume them or  freeze them for later consumption. Remove from freezer two hours before serving.

Apologies if some breakage occurs during shipping.

PS: Cookies are baked for Nonna in one of the best bakeries in Brooklyn, NY.