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La Bottega della Nonna

La Bottega della Nonna is the Shop owned and operated by the Web-Show Cooking with Nonna hosted by Rossella Rago (www.CookingWithNonna.com).

While the Cooking with Nonna Web-Show brings you authentic recipes and memories from Italian and Italian-American grandmothers,  the associated Bottega della Nonna offers you the authentic food products that you need to prepare those recipes. But the shop does not offer just food. It also offers many lifestyle products imported from Italy, including: kitchen utensil, apparel and jewelry.

Please feel free to browse the shop and should you have any questions or comments you may contact us at:

Bottega della Nonna
7612 13 Ave
Brooklyn, New York  11228
Email: Bottega@cookingwithnonna.com
Tel.  646-756-1541


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