Yesterday's Sky - The Novel - With Dedication

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Autographed and dedicated copy of the novel Yesterday's Sky, by Angela Sciddurlo Rago.

Published on March 28, 2018.

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The sky is an allegory for fate. Unfortunately, the Voltinis, a family of six children and their widowed mother Norina, live under a dark sky. They all struggle to survive in a small Italian town in the 1950's. The eldest daughter, Grazia, is the beauty of the family. Norina hopes to immortalize Grazia’s beauty by having her portrait taken by the town photographer. The portraits of beautiful girls posted on the window of the photo studio are often noticed by rich men. A relative pays for Grazia’s portrait and Norina’s dream becomes reality when her daughter’s picture is exhibited in the window of the photo studio. Daughters are a burden on the town's poor folks, with a dowry required to marry off each one. Grazia does everything in her power to help her family. She works as a maid and invites a friend to do a reading of a novel at her house. Most of the poor people can’t read, and love to be read to. It’s customary for the listeners to bring food when they come, and these treats become the Voltinis' dinner. A letter from America sheds light on the Voltinis' sky. The letter contains a marriage proposal for Grazia. Sal, the suitor, is a rich American. Norina begs her daughter to accept Sal’s marriage proposal. If Grazia marries an American, the whole family can emigrate to America. Grazia fears that in avoiding the trap of poverty, she may fall into a trap of marriage. Still, a poor girl can’t grant herself the luxury of being choosy when her family is starving. Will she be able to save them all?


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