Tombola Napoletana della Smorfia in Box

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Tombola Napoletana della Smorfia in Box

Just like in the old days and especially on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve when everyone got together at Nonna's house and played Tombola! Remember those days?

Now you can relive them with this complete set of Tombola containing: the board,  48 cards,  90 wood numbers!

PS:  The game is in Italian.  No English instructions available.

No chips are provided to cover the numbers once they are called.  In the old days fava beans were used for this purpose.  :)

Here is a video on how to Play Tombola

Please Note:
The Tombola Napoletana della Smorfia was created by leveraging the rich Neapolitan culture of superstition and colorful humor.
Therefore, some of the calling terms of the Tombola and especially the direct English translations may not be suitable for children, as they are somewhat vulgar.
You may want to refrain from playing this Tombola with children.
User discretion is advised.