The Abruzzo Platter - La Presentosa

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The Abruzzo Platter - La Presentosa


This platter represents The symbol of Abruzzo: La Prresentosa!

What is La Presentosa?

The classic Presentosa  is a symbol of old Abbruzzese traditions. In ancient times La Presentosa, was usually given  in the form of a pendant as a sign of friendship, affection and as an amulet. It also represented a token of love. In fact it was also given by the groom's parents to the future bride. Even today it represents a tribute that wishes happiness and everlasting love.

It became famous when the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio described it in his masterpiece “The Triumph of the Death” as a large filigree star with two hearts linked by key or ribbon. This jewel was often given to young women as a promise of love. The name Presentosa comes from presente, present or gift, which evolved into Presentenza and Presentosa in the local dialect.

This dish is made of heavy duty ceramic by artisans in Positano.  The design on each dish may be slightly different as they are designed and painted by hand.

Color: The Platter is white with a yellow rim.

Platter Dimensions:  9 x12 inches.

Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

PS: The dish towel in the background is not included with the purchase of the platter.

Made in Italy