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Provolone Mini Salamini - Auricchio

Provolone Mini Salamini - Auricchio

Provolone Mini Salamini - Auricchio

PS:  This product will be shipped with an ice pack to make sure that it arrives to your home in good conditions. However, if you live in a hot state such as California, Florida, Arizona, etc.  you should select the 2-Day Shipping option in order to receive the products in good order.  Otherwise, we will not be responsible for spoilage,

The Provolone Mini Salamini Auricchio is produced from the special “Auricchio sweet rennet” that is left to mature for about one month; in this way cheese retains at best the delicate taste of milk. It is ideal as an ingredient of typical Italian dishes, especially pizza, melt on meat courses, sliced in toasts or in any easy and quick recipe.

The flavor of this provolone is rather mild.

Net weight: Approx.  12 Oz

Product of Lombardia, Italy

PS: You will only receive the Cheese, NOT the hanger! You can purchase the hanger HERE!

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