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Grana Padano - Ambrosi

Grana Padano - Ambrosi

Grana Padano - Ambrosi

Grana Padano is a hard, straw-colored cheese with a delicate taste and sweet, nutty flavor. It is very versatile and is enjoyed as a grating cheese, as an ingredient, in cooking or simply with fruit and nuts or alongside a variety of antipasti.

Net weight: Approx.  12 Oz

Product of  Italy

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PS:  This product will be shipped with an ice pack to make sure that it arrives to your home in good conditions. However, if you live in a hot state such as California, Florida, Arizona, etc.  Please do not order this product as the transit time from New York is too long and the package may sit in a hot delivery truck for hours before it is delivered to you. 

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