Almond Cookies from Italy by Cecchina

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Almond Cookies from Mola di Bari (Italy) by Cecchina

These are the almond cookies that are traditionally made in Mola di Bari (Puglia) where  my family is from. These are made by Pasticceria Cecchina  and imported by my family.  Each tray contains a mix of delicious 100% almond cookies including: Bocche di Dama, Biscottini, Paste a Mandorla, Coffee Cookies, i Monaci and many more.  There are no finer cookies around.  You need to try these!

Ingredients: ALMONDS, sugar, eggs, lemon zest, sour cherries, candied fruit, fig vin cotto, cocoa, flour, liqueur, natural aromas, bicarbonate of ammonia.

Product of Mola di Bari, (Puglia) Italy

Net Weight: 500 gr - 17.63 oz

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