Nonna's Cheese Grater with Lid - Grattugia della Nonna

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Nonna's Cheese Grater with Lid - Grattugia della Nonna - FREE Shipping

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*****Now comes with a sturdy plastic lid too! ***

Made in Italy. Heavy gauge stainless steel cheese grater with lid. Perfect for grating hard cheeses,  old bread to make your own breadcrumbs and zesting. This is a product that will last a lifetime and will be passed on from generation to generation. Any Italian home must have one of these. This grater is taller than any other ones on the market and has a slight oval bottom for a better grip when you are grating.

The lid is also Made in Italy and is made of sturdy durable plastic so that you can safely store the grater with cheese in it in the fridge.

Dishwasher Safe!

The product consists of a bowl and a removable grater and a plastic lid. You will receive all three in a box.

Dimensions:  Width = 7 1/2 inches - Height = 3 1/2 inches

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PS:  If you purchased a grater before December '20, you can now get a Plastic Lid HERE!