Chef's Flour - Farina 00 - Molino Caputo

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Chef's Flour - Farina "00" by Molino Caputo

Antico Molino Caputo is known for producing one of the world's best pizza flour. They select the best grains, mill, and blend them to make the perfect flour that behaves the same way every time. This Naples style flour holds up to the high temperatures required for most baking. It is finely milled with a soft texture and yields a crispy crust every time. It is also ideal for dough that requires long fermentation like pizza, bread, and pasta. A true professional's flour packed for home baking requirements. Since 1924 Molino Caputo has been grinding carefully selected wheat and producing high-performance flours, authentic and genuine. Its art has been passed on year by year over three generations.


 Size:  1 Kg - 2.2 Lbs

Product of Campania, Italy