Baba` Napoletani with Benevento - Strega Liqueur - 500 Gr

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Baba` Napoletani  with Benevento - Strega Liqueur - 500 Gr

Soft and delicious mini Baba` Napoletani soaked in Real Benevento/Strega liqueur and other flavors.

Mamma mia... these are so good!

* These Baba` are for adults only! Not to be offered to children as they contain alcohol.

Size: 500 gr - 17.63 oz

What is a Baba?  The Baba` is a leavened oven-baked sweet soaked in an alcoholic liquid (traditionally rum, limoncello, Strega, etc.) and is created in its unmistakable mushroom shape. When you go to Naples, you should never miss these as they are heavenly!

Refrigerate after opening.

Product of Italy

PS:  Get more than one and economize on shipping.