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Pecorino Primo Sale Classico - Taibi

Pecorino Primo Sale Classico - Taibi

Pecorino Primo  Classico by Taibi

Pecorino Primo Sale  is one of the oldest cheeses from the dairy tradition produced in Sicily with 100% Sicilian sheep's milk. After the cheese is formed, it is not seasoned and therefore it is considered "fresh cheese".

This Pecorino Primo Sale Classico is presented in its natural form with no flavorings added.

Enjoy this cheese on your appetizer table, with some salami, crispy bread and a good glass of wine.

Organic rounds range from .9 - 1.1 Lbs

Product of Sicily, Italy

PS:  This product will be shipped with an ice pack to make sure that it arrives to your home in perfect conditions.

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