The Capri Cornicello Bracelet for Men - Pewter Color

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The Capri Cornicello Bracelet for Men. Dark White Gold Plated 18K


As stated on Rossella's Blog, everyone will receive the bracelet and a penny to make sure that the bracelet will bring you good luck!

Made in in Capri - Italy

Keep the Malocchio away with this beautiful 18K dark white gold plated bracelet. Each bracelet is hand made on the island of Capri and imported making for a stunning and unique accessory.

The practice of wearing a “cornicello” or Italian horn to keep evil away dates back to the 5th century B.C. and is a reflection of Greek and Roman mythology in southern Italy. The Italian horn is a universal symbol of virility, fertility and overall good luck!

Length: 8.5 inches, adjustable.

Metal: Base metal of the bracelet is nickel-free and plated in 18K dark white gold.


Jewelry care notes:
Please keep in mind that this is artisanal gold plated fashion jewelry and tones/colors may vary because of the unique plating process. For best results please avoid excessive contact with water and with lotions/perfumes, etc.