The Soccer Easter Egg

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The Soccer Easter Egg

Posted 3/05/23 - PS:  Please be advised that we inspect all Chocolate Easter Eggs for breakage before packing and we take extreme care in packaging them. However, we  take no responsibility for any chocolate eggs arriving  melted if you live in a state (such as California, Florida, Arizona, etc.) where temperatures are high and packages may sit in a hot delivery truck or sit on a hot porch once they are delivered. If you are not comfortable with these risks, we suggest that you do not order the chocolate eggs as they will NOT be replaced or refunded.

A beautiful and delicious milk chocolate egg for the soccer fan in your life. Pick the colors of your favorite team. The egg comes  with an external toy which may be different from the one shown in the photo and a surprise inside the egg. So, you may get two surprises.

Team Colors:

Pink/Black = Palermo

White/Black = Juventus

Black/Blue = Inter

BRed/Black = Milan


Approx. egg dimensions:  8" tall - 5 1/2" wide

Net weight: 10.5  oz

Product of Italy