Heavy Duty Non-Stick Focaccia Pan - 12 Inches

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Heavy Duty Non-Stick Focaccia Pan - 12  Inches

Made in Italy.

This new and  improved heavy duty non-stick aluminum pan will give  a beautiful uniform  texture and color to anything you baked products and especially to your Focaccia. It is shaped in the traditional Focaccia pan alla Barese with scalloped border. The pan is perfect to make focaccia, frittate and cakes.

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You can always give one to a relative or a foodie!

PS: Once the Focaccia has fully cooked, remove it from the pan and cut it on a cutting board to avoid damaging the pan. 

Dimensions:  Width = 12

Height: 2 inches

PS: Pans are non-stick-coated on the inside and have the same finish and coating on the outside.

Here is Nonna's Focaccia Barese recipe!