Caffe` Vergnano - Arabica 100% Espresso Coffee - 250 Gr

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Caffe` Vergnano - Arabica 100%  Espresso Coffee - 250 Gr

Arabica coffee by Caffe Vergnano is a medium-grind of the finest Arabica beans, resulting in a smooth mouthfeel and intense flavors with cocoa aroma and spicy notes. 

One of the most popular blends, Arabica coffee, comes from Coffea Arabica, the first species of coffee believed to be ever cultivated. Arabica beans have a crisp mouthfeel and less bitterness due to the higher content of lipids, which explains their widespread popularity across the globe. Arabica coffee is usually smoother, sweeter, and much more nuanced in its overall flavor profile - loved especially in Italy, one of the birthplaces of coffee. You can browse through our carefully curated collection of Italian ground coffee to discover more flavors of your favorite blends!

Caffe Vergnano was established in 1882, Piedmont. The brand prides itself on being one of the oldest coffee roasters in the country. Steeped in tradition and history, the Vergnano family runs the brand; it’s now the fifth generation working on delivering fresh and rich coffee blends to its loyal customers.

Arabica coffee by Caffe Vergnano is a real treat for every coffee lover - with its harmonious intensity and slight hints of floral aroma, it’s guaranteed to pair beautifully with your quick desserts.

1 Can of 250 grams  - 8.8 oz

Product of Piemonte, Italy