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Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei

Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei
Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei
Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei
Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei

Almond Biscotti - Cantucci in Tin by Antonio Mattei

Almond Biscotti in a beautiful tin that you can prodlly display on your kitchen counter.

Size: 7 inches wide - 7 inches tall

Net Weight: 500 gr - 17.63 oz

Product of Tuscany, Italy

Antonio Mattei's classic biscotti ( twice baked - Bis: twice, Cotti: cooked or baked) are considered throughout Tuscany and Italy as the standard-bearer of all Biscotti, the one every Tuscan family will stock in their pantry. The size, texture and taste are what every Italian considers the real thing, and that which all other producers try to copy and imitate. Packed in the traditional blue paper bags tied in the traditional string for over 100 years.

The Biscotti di Prato Antonio Mattei are made with high quality ingredients like Apulian almonds, farm fresh eggs which impart that golden yellow color, pine nuts from Pisa. You can taste the rich nuts over the flour and sugar that dominate the flavour of most biscotti.

Traditionally served at the end of the meal with a glass sweet Tuscan Vin Santo, many of the local people argue whether is correct to dip the biscotto in the wine or not. Serve along panna cotta, gelato, or as part of an afternoon tea.

Tin packs are traditionally used for better preservation of biscuits; Biscottificio has been offering them since the last century, not only for the maintenance of its biscuits, but also as reusable containers.




In 1858 in Prato, in Via Ricasoli 22, Antonio Mattei opened his Biscuit factory with resale, and began to bake a dry almond biscuit, a recipe he developed, which would become the traditional Prato Almond Biscuit; that biscuit immediately would have crossed not only the Grand Duchy borders, but the future Italy. For more than a century and a half it has not really been a Sunday, or “feast” in the houses of the people of Prato, without the so-called “cantuccini” in the Blue Bag, or one of the other good products baked by Biscottificio, all now deeply embedded in the Italian gastronomic tradition.
The fame of Mattei products, in fact, soon began to spread beyond city and regional boundaries: the merit medal in 1861 at the Italian Exposition and the honorable mention at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1867, are the proof. Like the quotations, because the Biscotti di Prato have had illustrious fans: in addition to the Artusi’s, which shows the recipe of Torta Mantovana in his famous recipe book, the products of Antonio Mattei has been mentioned also by Malaparte, Ardengo Soffici, Sem Benelli, Hermann Hesse, and the Italian Presidents Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and the USA President Bill Clinton.

Antonio Mattei’s children had never been much interested in their father’s business, but among the apprentices working with him in the factory there was one of proved talent and passion, Ernesto Pandolfini, grandfather to Marcella, Elisabetta, Francesco and Letizia.
He was an orphan and had been raised by his aunt Italia, who took over Mattei’s business, in 1908, for her beloved nephew. That is how the story of three generations of biscuit makers begins.  Ernesto Pandolfini created and developed new products, such as the Filone candito, Brutti Buoni, Biscotto della Salute, which are now thought of as the bakery’s signature products and whose recipes and cooking methods are as strictly followed as those used in the making of the Biscotto di Prato.

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